5 point guide to buying a shipping container

Shipping Containers offer great advantages when it comes to organising extra storage space on-site.  If this is your first time looking for containers, below we have made a note of five key points we think are prudent to consider before you decide to purchase a shipping container.


Purchase v. Hire


Have you evaluated the overall container purchase cost against hiring a shipping container?  Leasing one of our units, through our hiring division, may prove more cost effective (should your requirements be short term).  For longer term hires, we can, for example, offer 20ft shipping containers for as little as £10.00 a week each (subject to VAT and delivery).  So, think whether it makes sense to hire or buy.


Size matters


We offer for sale a wide variety of containers, in all shapes, sizes and configurations.  From a volume perspective, we offer 10ft, 20ft and 40ft containers.  At times, we may have in stock bespoke container sizes, so get in touch to see what we have. Next, evaluate the space you have, what you are looking to store in the containers and your overall budget, once you have these figured out – the size you require becomes more apparent.  For an average household or everyday storage requirements for a small business, we find that 20ft container offer more than ample space.


Thinking inside the box


In terms of thinking inside the (metal) box, consider what you need to use the container for.  We offer a whole range of container conversions (for sale) in a number of configurations.  From standard simple storage units to bespoke split office container conversions, open plan canteen offices, split toilet and storage containers, and even mini individual male and female toilet containers. The choice is endless. So a container does not just have to be a metal box.  We can build you a bespoke container to your exact specifications.


Rainbow containers


OK, when we say rainbow, we mean colours!  If you are looking to purchase a container or take a unit out on a long term hire, through our hires division, we can paint storage containers in pretty much any colour you require.  Choose from any of the RAL/BS paint colours and we will paint the containers for you.


Wholesale container buying


Do you require one or more containers? If you are looking to bulk purchase containers, look no further! Through our global network of suppliers (built over 30 years’ of experience) we are able to source any number of containers for your requirements. From 1 to 100 shipping containers, we can quote you a competitive price for all your container purchase needs.


Going forwards


If you are in need of any shipping containers, you can call us on free-phone 01707 648 400 or locally on, 01707 648 400.  Email us at office@bellcontainer.co.uk or complete a QUICK QUOTE and we will get back to you.